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LEAP OF FAITH -for I survived

Première 4 February 2017

Everything happened suddenly
 – It’s not safe here, mum said
I was little and was sent away
I just tagged along, didn’t dare to ask
I didn’t know Europe existed
I was in my own world and it was dark

 – See that light? Paddle towards it!
I wouldn’t have done it for a hundred million
But I wasn’t allowed to choose
And I didn’t die


“Every child has a right to life, survival and development.”

(United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child)


We meet on the news, on the bus, in school. And the lone refugee children have a story to tell: about a childhood cut short, about war and running to escape. About their leap of faith into the unknown. Now their stories are part of our shared history.

We at the Pantomime Theatre have listened to some of these stories. Stories about the joy of receiving a new pair of sneakers, about the longing for a family left behind, stories about friends, and about bottomless fear and loneliness. But also about a miraculous hope that refuses to die.

The Pantomime Theatre retells these refugee children’s stories in a wordless, highly visual and action-packed performance. Three artists/actors, each with their individual performance style including mime and acrobatics, take us on an unforgettable journey accompanied by lots of music and framed by an ingenious stage set.

Suitable for children 10 years old and above

In Hertha’s Studio

Inspired by Hertha Hillfon and her astounding artistry

Every day Hertha mucks about in her studio. She just can’t stay away from the clay! Hertha kneads and kneads and she creates masks, creatures and dreams. Never has she been this old – never has she had this many ideas, and all of them want to come alive!

Just one more sculpture! And another! And she has to finish off the bird – because she has to get to Florence – like she promised. But who’s that sneaking around in here? How did she get here? Through the kiln?

A performance inspired by Hertha Hillfon and her astounding artistry. All filtered through memories from her long friendship with Bo W Lindström, or Bosse the Mime, as Hertha liked to call him.

For children and families from 5 years  

Press qoutes

”Lindström and Rudfeldt are forming a sentient and funny pas de deux. Both the old as well as the young actor convey with preciseness what also Hillfon’s life’s work was all about; where there is desire, there is life. It is astoundingly beautiful when Victoria Kahn and her actors come together to create mime art.” DN 27/10 2015

Charlie’s Kid

Chaplin’s silent film classic The Kid from 1921 comes to life on stage in a heart-warming slapstick about one of cinema’s most famous families. A tale of the rich and the poor, and the relationship between Char­lie and an orphan kid unfolds in a world where not everything is black or white. This stage adap­tion utilizes both classic and innovative theatrical techniques. In creating the world of ”Charlie” the company uses mime, half-mask, an original musical score, film projections and a set design full of imaginative solutions and props.

In 2011 The Kid was awarded ”Best mime-play of the year” at the Stockholm Mime Festival. Pantomimteatern is the first theater company in the world with the rights to create a stage version of Charlie Chaplin’s first feature film. Charlies kid opened in February 2011 and have since then performed over 450 times in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Santiago de Chile, New York and Seoul.

For children and families from 6 years  

Press quotes

”Magnificent theatre.” Expressen
”The question is if it can be one much better than this?” Aftonbladet
”…exceptional craftmanship, innovative and just as comical as it is moving.” SvD
”A visual hit.” DN

The white stone

A visually exciting adaptation of the award winning Swedish children´s classic by Gunnel Linde tells the story of two children finding love and friendship in a their very own world of fantastic adventure.

The creative team behind Pantomimteatern´s most popuar production to date, Charlie´s kid, comes together once more for a mime-based theatrical version of one of our most beloved children´s books. We will be taking advantage of our experience of working with film projections as an integral part of the set design. We will also be working together with musician and songwriter Nicolai Dunger who is creating an original score and soundscape for the show.

For children and families from 6 years

Captain Smiling and Silla

Dad is going to work and Silla is visiting her grandfather Captain Smiling, who is in charge of the ocean. She is finally going to learn how to swim! Expectations run high and glitter like drops of water on the surface. But there are secret fears lurking in the deep when unexpected guests come to call.

Captain Smiling and Silla is a mime-show performed in swimming pools! A very original show full of acrobatic aquatic escapades and an original musical score.

For children from 6 years

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