Glitterdalen (3 - 7 years)

For 3 - 7 years
Outdoor show

Duration: approx. 30 mins

Tissel and Tassel are best friends and inseparable. Tissel has a secret world called Glitterdalen. Tassel has a flute that plays beautiful music. One day, when Tissel and Tassel are playing the flute together, a part of it breaks and goes missing! Could it have wound up in the secret world, Glitterdalen? Tissel and Tassel must embark on an exciting adventure into this magical world to find the missing piece.

In a fast-paced, playful, and interactive show, the actors explore the secret world of Glitterdalen together with the audience. Join us on an exciting mime-journey where imagination knows no bounds!

The show is played outdoors in preschool yards.

Concept, direction, & cast: Erik Lennblad & Marina Almén
Costume consultation: Sara Kander
Direction consultation: Bo W Lindström & Linn Bergstam
Photography: Leonard Stenberg
Illustration: Sofia Elida Eriksson