Kan änglar ha mustasch? (FRÅN 4 ÅR)

A play about grief.
För 4 – 8 år
Duration: approx. 30 mins

Lo always has fun with M. When their mother does not want to play, Lo runs to M, eats raspberries, and picks flowers in the beautiful garden. M also teaches Lo to fish, and together they go on adventures to the lake where lives a big pike. M is Lo’s most favorite person in the world!

But one day, M is gone. Lo’s mother is very sad, and says that M is dead. 

Lo is confused. Weren’t they just fishing on the pier by the lake? How can M be dead?! Is M a flower now? Or a bird? Or maybe an angel?! But… can angels really have a mustache?

A play about being left behind, about longing, and living.

Based on an idea by Sara Kander
Direction: Julia Gumpert
Composition: Viktor Brobacke & Amanda Fritzén
Technician: Kundali Löfstrand
Hair & make-up: Matilda Bragner
Set & costumes: Sara Kander
Directorial guidance & dramaturgy: Hedvig Claesson
Cast: Oskar Webrell & Malin From

Set construction: Pelle Wittsäter
Tailoring: Inger Lejbro
Photography: Leonard Stenberg
Illustration: Mette Wide
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
Production: Jenny Skoglund