Lust (from 13 years)

Grade 7 - grade 9
Duration: approx. 40 mins

It’s the summer holidays!
Three teenagers meet for the first time.
What evolves is a love-triangle drama filled with intricate emotions around attraction, desire, and longing.

My thoughts are filled with questions and feelings about bodies - my own and others. Is it strange that I feel attracted to both girls and boys? How do I handle being rejected?
Lust is based on questions around identity, attraction, and norms; about the right to make decisions for oneself - decisions about one’s body; decisions on if, how much, and when to share physical proximity.

Through this production, we we acknowledge and embrace the complicated, embarrassing, and wonderful aspects about being human!

Script: Sara Kander
Direction: My Areskoug
Set & costumes: Sara Kander
Music: Torbjörn Svedberg
Lighting, video, & technicals: Kundali Löfstrand
Mask: Matilda Bragner
Actor: Björn Sällqvist, Emma Melkersson & Marina Almén
Photography: Leonard Stenberg
Affisch: Kajsa Reicke
Producent: Dina Luterkort
Production assistant: Linn Bergstam
Pedagogic material: Reyhaneh Ahangaran
RFSU advisors: Kalle Röcklinger & Hans Olsson

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