Mima med oss – Digital workshop (6 – 11 years)

In this digital workshop, participants have the opportunity to explore and express themselves without words. The body and imagination are in focus!

In a pre-recorded film, the actors at Pantomimteatern give a workshop in mime. It is structured in a way that the teacher in the classroom only needs to pause and play the film as instructed. Of course, teachers are also encouraged to participate in the workshop together with their students. The actors give an introduction to mime and show what the body can express through both common and theatrical gestures. Through various exercises, students are encouraged to bring to life invisible objects. The actors offer short sketches as inspiration to awaken students' imagination and creativity. Some of the exercises require the students to be divided into smaller groups, with the help of the teachers.

Finally, an assignment is handed out to the students that they can work on during another lesson or as a homework assignment. The actors the schedule a video call with the class for a later date (which is coordinated with the teacher) where they have a dialogue with the students about the task. The students then have to present the task to the actors in front of the camera and in front of the class in the classroom. The actors then give the students feedback on the task. The teacher decides if the video call is scheduled on the same day as the film, or on a later date.

Supplementing the film is a teacher's guide that includes the information that you as a teacher need for the workshop to be conducted smoothly. 

Facilitators & choreography: Ipshita Rajesh, Jacob Danielsson & Bo W. Lindström 
Duration: Two sessions of approx. 60 mins each
Participants: 30 students + teacher
Venue: Gym rooms, dance rooms, big and empty classrooms
A projector and a projector screen is required for the workshop!