Emotion explosion – Digital workshop (from 10 years)

A digital workshop based on body language and consent.

At Pantomimteatern, the body is always at the center. Our productions are wordless and use body language and movement to communicate. Body language is something we all use every day, but sometimes it can be difficult to interpret.

Pantomimteatern’s mime actors give a workshop based on the themes from the productions Pirret and Lust. The workshop is digital and through a pre-recorded film, the actors give various exercises and games to deepen the conversation about the two productions - body, integrity, and consent. The exercises encourage the participants to dare to express emotions, cooperate, set boundaries, dare to trust, and become aware that the body reflects what we think.

The workshop focuses on and inspires a continued discussion in the classroom about body language, boundaries, and consent. We hope it functions as a bridge between the productions and the classroom!

Supplementing the workshop is an instruction sheet that explains the purpose and goals of each exercise!

Facilitators: Ipshita Rajesh, Jacob Danielsson & Linn Bergstam
Duration: approx. 60 mins
Participants: One class per workshop
Venue: Gym rooms, dance rooms, big and empty classrooms
A projector and a projector screen is required for the workshop!