Känsloworkshop - digital workshop (from 11 years)

In a time of social distancing, it can be important to reflect on how much our bodies actually ‘speak’. In times where there is no physical contact, how can I express myself using my body?
This mime-based workshop focuses on expressing ourselves with our bodies.
The workshop provides space to reflect and investigate on themes that are highly topical for the youth.
Our hope is that the workshop will provide tools for everyday life by raising awareness about the body - based on the energy or dynamics we put into our movements, we can express completely different things.
Our appearances, how we relate to each other, and how we use the body to express what we want / do not want to show.
In the pre-recorded film, participants are given tasks by the workshop facilitators.

Facilitators: 2 mimes
Duration: 60 mins
Participants: 30 students + teacher
Venue: Gym rooms, dance rooms, big and empty classrooms
A projector and a projector screen is required for the workshop!