Kroppsspråk & samtycke (from 10 years)

This workshop explores trust, consent and the importance of body language. We dare to trust and be trusted!

We learn what is okay and what is not, and know that what feels okay today may not feel okay tomorrow. How can we learn to communicate with the body? In a safe space, the participants tread new ground and challenge themselves.

Central to this workshop is an increased awareness of the body's communication and body language. The body communicates regardless of our conscious choice of words and expresses even when we do not think about it.

The workshop can booked in connection with a show or as a stand-alone workshop.

Facilitators: 1-2 mimes (based on the number of participants)
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Age: From 10 years
Participants: approx. 15 participants per workshop. For groups with more than 15 participants, two workshops must be booked.
Venue: Gym rooms, physical-activity rooms, big empty classrooms
Cost: 8000 kr per workshop